AV 100 $6.38
Jet A $6.11
Jet A (100+) $6.02
Jet A (300+) $5.85

The Weekender: Barbecue And Thunderbirds

Aeromobil Unveils Version 3.0 Of Flying Car

More Evidence of Amelia Earhart's Fate?

Electric Trainer: $5 An Hour Flight

New Solar Powered Airplane from Solar Flight

Hawker Hunter Crashes Near Point Mugu

GA Groups Respond To USA Today Report

Garmin Rolls Out Low-Cost ADS-B Out

Surf Air To Expand Service

ADS-B Summit: 'Irreparable Harm' Seen

Supply Rocket Blows Up

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11:53 PST

You can become a Pilot!

Experience the exhileration and freedom of piloting your very own aircraft! We have 4 flight instructors on call to serve you.

  • Qualified Flight School & Instruction
  • FAA Certification
  • Health Examination

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Pilot Services

The friendly, professional, and personal qualities of our staff have to be experienced to be believed! Whatever be your needs, you'll find our staff and facilities second to none!

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  • Catering and Snacks
  • CATS Testing
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Aircraft Maintenance

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  • Hangaring & Parking

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Redbird: Redhawk Engine Ops "Bulletproof"

Short Final

Redbird Opens Training Conference

FAA To Revamp Dispatcher Certification

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